by William Napier

Reviewed by Coral

He would be the Scourge of God who rose from the east to try and destroy the Roman Empire. But before that, he was a boy and a hostage of Rome who only longed to be home again on the plains of his people.

I kind of had the same problem with this book as I did with the last Attila book I read, I never felt that Attila was the book’s main character. I understand the need to explore the larger world around him, but I found that there were some superfluous characters. At one point we were following one character long passed when I felt he was important to the main story of Attila, only to have him reconnect with the larger plot in a kind of ridiculously farfetched way.

The story really didn’t go anywhere for me. I know that it was just one chapter in Attila’s life, but I guess I was hoping it would move faster. I kind of felt that more of his life should have been told in this book, which could also be connected to the extra time spent on useless characters.

I know I repeat this a lot, but the story also had some instances where the words/phrases/sayings used just felt out-of-place and too modern. I can ignore that in a good story, but this book just kind of bored me.

Grade: C