by Christopher Rowley

Reviewed by Coral

Argonath has taken the war to the Dark Masters of Padmasa, laying siege to the city of Axoxo. Unfortunelty, Heruta fled the city beforehand, running to the dark continent of Eigo. If he is left unchecked the witches of Argonath predict doom and disaster for them all.

Now, Relkin, Bazil and their unit find themselves ordered to Eigo to stop Heruta before it's too late. What they don't know is that it may already be too late, because with the help of dark magic, Padmasa's Prophet once again walks the earth.

This book is just more of the same really. Another bunch of new dragons and their dragonboys; another troop leader who starts out as a jerk by mellows by the end; Lagdalen still complains about having to leave her daughter; Relkin is yet again captured and taken to the middle of enemy territory, but not killed right away as the villains try to, incompetently, win him over to their side.


This book has no spark, nothing original or interesting about it.

Grade: C