Dragons of Argonath

by Christopher Rowley

Reviewed by Coral

As the siege of the enemy city Axoxo continues - still? So the Marneri army can sail across the world to Eigo, kill the prophet, sail home without Relkin who survives and is captured and sold as a slave, then rescued before returning home himself, and the people of Axoxo (imps included) still haven't starved to death. Really? Okay, fine. Whatever. - the people of Argonath can finally see an end to the endless war they've faced.

How wrong they were.

The country is once again under attack by the Dark Masters of Padmasa and their army - that's some really mighty fine sieging there, Argontah army. Way to keep your enemies trapped in an enclosed space!

Added to that the law case against Glaves - from way back in book two - moves ahead. Relkin is a key  witness in the mutiny case, but his name is smeared by unlawful actions he took in Mirchaz. So he's in trouble for the steps he took to free himself from slavery? Stupid. Not only does this weaken the case against Glaves - why? Aren't there other officers still alive who can testify to what Glaves has done? - it threatens Relkin's relationship with Eilsa, who he loves, but cheated on, with two different women, and still refuses to come clean. So, she waited years while he was presumed dead and he can't even acknowledge she's about to tie herself to pond scum. Can he die yet?

Now the cities of Argonath will face an enemy from the inside, as the Dark Masters send forth a monster that rallies one of the Argonath provinces into open rebellion against the Rose Emprie. What are they, stupid? They've been at war with these people forever, seen the horrors they cause, but still ally themselves with a dark creature? Wow, ridiculous to the extreme.

Grade: F