Dragon Ultimate

by Christopher Rowley

Reviewed by Coral

The people of Argonath believe that peace has finally been won. But, like so many times before, they are so very horribly wrong. Plagues have struck cities all across the country. Devestating plagues that mow down thousands upon thousands but will of course touch none of our "beloved" main characters.

Worse, the country's witches learn that the plagues have been loosed upon them by the Deciever, the evil force we've never heard of before now behind the Dark Master's of Padmasa. Now, the Deceiver has rallied the Four Lords of Doom,  previously five when Heruta was alive - whom we've also never heard of before - to destroy the Argonath people once and for all. Don't mean to wreck it for you, but he too fails in a spectacularly dimwitted fashion.

Didn't think it was possible, but I hate Relkin more than ever. What right does he have to get so indigent when Swane insinuates that Relkin spent the night with another woman? He acts all affronted, like how dare Swane think him capable of cheating. Dude, you slept with two other women, that's the definition of cheater. You can rationalize all you want about magic spells and thinking you would never get home, but you're a cheating lying bastard at the heart of it. So, of course he gets the happy ending he doesn't deserve.


Grade: F