Bitten (Book 1 of Women of the Otherworld Series)

by Kelley Armstrong

Reviewed by Ruby

Elena, the only female werewolf, is trying to live her life as a normal human in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Well as normal as she could be with supernatural strength and senses and the unfortunate business of needing to hunt and kill her prey every once and awhile.

Unfortunately, pack business, the pack she abandoned along with her ex-lover, who was the one who turned her into a werewolf in the first place, needs her help. There are mutts running wild and she's the one who knows the most about them.

Thrown back into her old life, she must figure out who she is while there are loose werewolves killing people while trying to keep other normal people from finding out about them.

I started out enjoying this book. I like werewolves, rogue werewolves could only be better right? Oh how wrong I was. I hated the villains in this book. They were so basic, so one dimensional. I like my bad guys with a little more depth. I really hate mindless evil people who kill or torture people just because they can. Dogs can kill people, but you don't see them doing it at the drop of a hat.

The protagonists were witty and likable. They weren't those really annoying goody-goody characters that piss me off.  But I always say that it's the villains that make or break a story. The antagonists are supposed to be the equal and opposite of the protagonists (it's kind of implied with the name). If they are pathetic, how are the heroes supposed to be anything else beside pathetic?


Grade: D