Blood Bank

by Tanya Huff


Reviewed by Ruby

So in the last review I said that Blood Debt was the final book in the Blood Series. Um... I was wrong, so sue me, okay? How was I supposed to know? It all seemed so nicely wrapped up.

Well, it's not really a book. It is in fact eight short stories about the character in the Blood Series. Yup, stories about Vicki, Mike and Henry. You noticed that I left out Tony. That is because he wasn't in the stories.  There were eight freaking stories and not one about my favorite character. I was not pleased at all.

Anyway here are the stories.

This Town Ain't Big Enough: A year after coming back from Vancouver. Vicki has discovered there is another vampire living in Toronto. In her territory. And well... the title can help you guess at what happens. The story was short and to the point. Grade: B

What Manner of Man: Henry has to hunt down a traitor before he gives secret information over to Napoleon that would let the French defeat the English. Boring and dull. I don't think Henry is enough of an interesting character on his own for it to be good. That and it felt like a flashback. Grade: D

The Cards Also Say: A Romani fortune teller calls on Vicki to fight a crazy vampire hunter wannabe. Same as the first one. Short, yet good. Grade: B

The Vengeful Spirit of Lake Nepeakea: Really, really really, self explanatory. A developer is in danger when he tries to knock down a forest by a lake to build a resort and calls on Vicki for help. Good but the ending was abrupt. Grade: B

Someone to Share the Night: Henry places a personal ad in the newspaper and meets interesting people. Funny.  Grade: A

Another Fine Nest: Vicki is called to kill a bunch of giant, blood sucking, intelligent bugs from a hell dimension living in the subway tunnels. Um... Giant, blood sucking, intelligent bugs from a hell dimension? Ew. Not that good, but not bad. Grade: C

Sceleratus: I thought it was going to be about Tony because he's on the first page, but it turns out to be a flashback to the Spanish Inquisition where Henry went all ape-shit on them because they killed his lover. Way too much like Angel for my taste. Grade: D

Critical Analysis: A paranoid writer is convinced that someone s trying to kill him. I'm not sure what happened in the end. Grade: C

So This Is Christmas: A really stupid story about Vicki finding the meaning of Christmas and her life with Mike. Dumb and pointless. Grade: F

Overall, a little disappointing.

Grade: C