Blood Lines

by Tanya Huff

Reviewed by Ruby

A sarcophagus was found by the British um something or other, and they don't want it, so the Royal Ontario Museum gets it, along with the mummy inside. Only this isn't a regular mummy, if it was this wouldn't be a supernatural book now would it? This mummy was the main henchman of a badass Egyptian god, and he has been released in Toronto.

There have been a recent rash of strange deaths, all chalked up to heart failures, but Detective Celluci doesn't buy it. Since he works on homicide, his hands are technically tied, but his ex-partner's Vicki Nelson, the private investigator's aren't. So he hires her to find the mummy, which is loose in Toronto.

At the same time, Vicki is dealing with Henry who is having dreams about the sun. A very bad sign if one is a vampire. He is afraid that he will do something stupid, like walk out into the sun and kill himself. So Vicki stays with him until the sunrise with a baseball bat, just in case.

It turns out that the two are connected. That it is the mummy that is causing him to have these dreams. So he must stop it, not only for his sake, but Tony's who has watched the mummy feed on an infant, and is afraid its out to get him, and for the entire city; because the mummy is acquiring acolytes to call his god.

All they have to do is climb up to the top of the CN Tower.  Which is like 553 meter (1 815 ft) tall.

There's really nothing to say that is any different from the first two reviews. It's a great book; well written with excellent characters, I'd just wish there was more of Tony, because  he's my favourite character. But there's an entire series about him, so I'm happy. There are still flashbacks, but only like one that lasts like a page and another that is like four lines. It's not like it's a hundred a fifty pages worth. By this rate there won't be any in the next book. 

Grade: B