Blood Pact

by Tanya Huff

Reviewed by Ruby

Vicki is having man problems. Both Mike and Henry are a little annoyed at only getting half of her, and aren't willing to let go. Vicki, on the other hand doesn't want to give herself over totally to one guy, and is very happy with the arrangements. That is until she gets into arguments with both of them about it. The following morning she gets a call from, who she assume is her mother, because she's been ignoring her mother's calls, but it wasn't.

A co-worker of her mother called, saying that her mother has died.

The next time anyone sees her, she on a train to Kingston, without letting anyone know. Tony saw her and told Henry once night fell. Henry headed over to her apartment to find her mother's address, only to find Celluci in her apartment, wanting to apologize for the fight.  During the argument between Henry and Celluci they play a message from Vicki's mom's friend and they both run to Kingston after her.

The two come to a true for Vicki's sake, but she isn't very pleased when they show up at her door, and they are not happy to see that she wants neither of them there.

She is even less pleased when her mother's body goes missing. With all the supernatural stuff going on, Mike guesses that the body just got up and walked away. The other two aren't amused, but he was half right. Vicki's mom's employer is actually working on research to understand death and prolong life and is using the body as a test subject. Unfortunately she picked Victory Nelson's mom and that was a very stupid thing to do.

Another stupid thing to do was capture Henry to run tests on also.

Um... There's not much to say. All the books in the series are written in the same style and are true to the characters. There's nothing more annoying that reading the first few books of a series and fall in love with the characters only for them to turn into some pathetic version of themselves by the end of the series. The characters have changed, yes, but not in such unbelievable ways that it makes the characters unlikable.

I didn't really like the battle for Vicki between Henry and Celluci, but it wasn't terrible, only mildly unpleasant.

Grade: B