Blood Trail

by Tanya Huff

Reviewed by Ruby

Vicki Nelson wasn't having a very pleasant day; it didn't get much better when Henry the vampire called asking her to help some of his friends. It definitely got more interesting when she found out his friends are werewolves.

They own a farm in London, Ontario, peacefully hidden from prying eyes. That is until two members of their pack are shot. It could've been a mistake - a hunter thinking he/she had shot a wolf - until they find a silver bullet.

Now, Vicki and Henry travel to their farm to try and figure out who is killing the werewolves, while dealing with very interesting animal instincts of their own. Since Vicki's near death experience a few moths earlier, Henry has been hesitant to feed from/sleep with her, instead turning to Tony, who saved his life in the first book. Now, working together, things between the two are looking up, until Celluci, Vicki's ex-partner and sometimes lover, shows up.

And there's the whole guy killing werewolves thing.

What I like most about these books is the unique view on the supernatural. Werewolves aren't humans bitten by other werewolves, they're like a different race altogether. And they aren't crazy man eating wolves either. Their mostly like normal people who can change into wolves when they want.

Even with Henry. Vampires drink blood, yes, usually while having sex, but not necessarily, and not in the kinky way like in other vampire books.

The focus is on the plot, romance/sex stuff is a side story.

As for the story, it was really good and well written. A tiny bit obvious. In my experience, when someone is preaching about God when no one else in the immediate area is religious, that person is your first suspect. If it ain't him/her, it's the next of kin. One or the other. Or both.

But hey! Only two and a half flashbacks, and they weren't completely pointless!

Grade: B