The Burning Land

by Bernard Cornwell


Reviewed by Coral

Uhtred has been bound unwillingly to Alfred by his oath for a long time. He has fought the Danes for Alfred, though he would rather have fought by their side, and given Alfred a kingdom to rule. But after another victory, an insult is made to Uhtred that he cannot ignore, one grave enough for him to turn his back on his oath.

Now Uhtred has a choice to make, the ultimate question of loyalty. Does his stand with his Viking brothers - like Ragnar - who want to conquer Wessex and make England a Viking land? Or does he honour his oath to Alfred and his daughter and stand with Wessex against the Danes coming from all sides?

For me, each book of this series has been a little more disappointing than the book before it.

After five books, Uhtred's constant struggle between his love of the Danes and his oath is no longer all that interesting to read about.

The omniscient narrator bit is also annoying. There's only so many times you can read Uhtred's musings about what will happen before reading about it actually happening. Though he made an interesting reference in this book about the northern Scottish tribes that I hope is carried through into the next book. And, yes, despite everything I will read the next book in the series.

I will give this book a very low B.

Grade: B