The Magician's Nephew

by C. S. Lewis

Reviewed by Ruby

This is a prequel to CS Lewis' series. And that's about all there is to it. Polly and Digory are thrown into another world by Digory's uncle. They discover that it's a world in between worlds. Not a dimension in itself, but something that holds doorways to other worlds. 

Instead of returning home with the magic rings that his uncle made to travel between worlds, they decide to explore. They enter into a world that is on the verge of destruction and Digory wakes up an evil queen that destroyed her world just so her sister wouldn't get it.

She follows the children home and starts a ruckus. Knowing what to do, the children get the queen back into another world. Only they bring the uncle, a cabby who was standing nearby and the cabby's horse. They enter a land of darkness and watch as a lion is creating everything.  The children and the cabby are pleased, but the uncle and the queen are not.

Aslan, the lion, gives Digory and Polly a task. They must get a fruit from a garden miles away. Out of the apple will grow a tree that will protect Narnia from the Evil Queen. They do it and then Aslan gives Digory an apple from that tree to give to his sick mother.

Polly and Digory go, leaving the cabby behind to be King of Narnia (Aslan brings his wife so she can be Queen) and Digory gives the apple to his mom and she gets better.

See, nothing to it. As a story itself, it's not very good, but as a part of the 'Chronicles' it's fine. It's all back story, just explaining what wasn't explained in the other books.

Grade: D