The Da Vinci Code

by Dan Brown

Reviewed by Coral

Now I know this is a controversial book, with a controversial plot, but if you want to read it, don't let anyone stop you, because you won't be disappointed. You need to keep an open mind as you read it though, without one you just won't be able to enjoy this book at all.

The "plot" of the book revolves around a murder with a spice of romance (of course) thrown in for good measure. I find these parts kind of useless. I mean, they had to be there, or else it's just a non-fiction detailing of information, but they certainly aren't what sell this book.

The real draw of this book is the iconography and symbolism. These are the parts in which you need an open mind because, as you may of heard, Dan Brown tries to prove that ancient art is trying to tell us Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married. You might want to shout out no and give up on the book right then, but I urge you not to. Remember: whatever it was that Jesus did during his life, what information comes to us, comes by way of man. Men, like the popes of years long gone who tried to leave the "popehood" to their sons. Men can create and men can destroy, and you can't just dismiss the fact that some may have played a large role in what it is that Catholics and Christians take as dogma today.

Maybe it's easier saying this as a lapsed Catholic, but I wasn't offended by this book at all. I loved all the symbolism and imagery, the author's interpretation of centuries old artwork. This is an amazing book, that can open the mind to a lot of questions, if you let it.


Grade: A