The Darkening Flood

by Kenneth C. Flint

Reviewed by Coral

John and Anne Milne so enjoyed their trip to Ireland the year before that they have made plans to visit again. When they get there they find things very different from how it was before.

The friends they made on their last trip have seemingly left on their own trip, even though not one word of it was mentioned in their letters. Even the village the Milnes are staying in seems to have changed, as people who were once friendly and open, greet them with subtle hostility and suspicion, especially when they ask about their friends.

Worried that something terrible has happened to their friends, but knowing they have nothing to take to the police, the Milnes start their own investigation, and find themselves involved in something bigger than either could have imagined. Something that could cost them their lives.

I didn't really enjoy this book.

There was a lot of pointless tension set up between John and Anne. They never seemed to agree on what to do, or what was going on. They even seem to switch personalities at one point, with Anne going from the one wanting to find out what was going on to the one who wanted to call the police, and John suddenly becoming the one pushing them forward in their investigations.

Also, I didn't really like how, at one point, it was all the women characters who were trouble and the male characters who were mounting the rescue. And I didn't like that for the longest time Anne remained a staunch defender of someone who was so obviously involved in everything; it made her look stupid.

All in all, it was a pretty bland book.


Grade: C