by Rob Thurman


Reviewed by Ruby

Niko and Cal have received an interesting job. Promise's ex-lover Seamus is being stalked. It is an odd situation as a) he is being stalked by humans, and it is very odd for a vampire to be stalked by humans, b) he is jealous because Promise is now an item with Niko and c) Seamus winds up beheaded in his own apartment.  

While that is going on the Auphe have launched their final attack on the brothers intent on killing all those Cal hold dear before dragging him back off to their Hell dimension.  And, if that wasn't enough, Promise's daughter, Cherish, pops up with her own bag of problems and lays them at their feet.

The only way out of this mess is, in Cal's opinion, to think like an Auphe -something that Niko has been trying to get him to avoid doing for his entire life. 

This was my favourite book out of the series so far. I have to admit that Cal has become somewhat whiny and repetitive in this book but Niko actually got chapters and those were the some of the best parts in the book. The Cherish storyline was a bit predictable but good. And nothing felt rushed, even though a lot of things happened they weren't all heaped on on top of the other.  By far the best one so far.

Grade: A


Coral's Review:

Well, I enjoyed this book better than the last one.

My main problem with all of the books in this series is that the plot seems to be concentrated in the first and last chapters of the books, with a lot of nothing in the middle sections of the books. Well, not nothing, but more being attacked, reacting to being attached, emotional angst.

I was happy to get some chapters told from Nilkoís point of view, although I was upset that we really didnít have Niko thinking anything of importance about his friendship with Robin. I still canít help but to want to know more, especially about the time when Cal was possessed by Darkling and Robin stood by Niko. When I was reading and came across Niko chapters, I was hoping there would be some mention of that, but there was nothing.

I have also had to resign myself to the fact that Niko and Robin will join the list of couples I am rooting for that just are not going to happen. It happens so often for me that I usually donít hold it against the person who comes in and messes up the couple I want to get together, but in this case I just canít seem to warm up to Ishiah because of his relationship with Robin.

And George is still annoying and pointless.

Grade: B