The Fathomless Caves

by Kate Forsyth


Reviewed by Ruby

We have finally reached the final book in the series. Yay!

There is peace in the land of Eileanan; now Lachlan can turn to the seas. The Fairgean have been gaining in numbers these past years. Their hatred of the people who dwell on land have reached a boiling point. Their King and the Preisstesses of Jor have decided to call upon the power of Kani, the Fairgean god of earthquakes. Using Kani's power they will create a huge typhoon that will wash away everything in Eileanan.

Released from her geas to Lachlan, Iseult returns home to enlist the help of the snow-faeries. However her recent anger towards Lachlan has everyone debating whether she will return or stay in the land of her people.

Isabeau has passed her tests and is now a sorceress. However she still has no faith in her own abilities, yet she is the only one who can save Eileanan. She still believes that Maya can help them, if only she can stop Lachlan from killing her on sight.

With the rising of the comet, Jorge's vision comes to pass as both sides prepare for the final war between the people of Eileanan and the Fairgean.

This book is about the same quality as the last four books. It wasn't awful, it just wasn't great either. All the characters are back and as confusing as ever. There isn't enough back story for me to remember all of them and most of them were flat and boring. A lot of the characters had weird endings that didn't seem like endings. Some just died "off screen".

The thing that pisses me off the most is that there is still no map. I need to have a map of the area so I know where everybody is in relation to everyone else.  It's like they are going in three different directions and all reach the same place around the same time. I don't get how it was faster for Iseult to go through the mountains when Isabeau is always complaining on how far away from everyone she is when she was living with her father's people.

In the end I was really disappointed with the series. It started off so well, I don't know what happened. It just got dull and felt like some places dragged on, and the endings were always rushed a bit confusing.

Grade: C