Fires in the Mist

by Barbara Dolan

Reviewed by Coral

Lugh, a boy of Fomorian and DeDanaan blood being raised by the King and Queen of the Fir Bolg, is enjoying his life as he enters early manhood, completely unaware of what is about to befall his adopted people. The DeDanaan people have landed on Ireland, burned their fleet, with no plans of leaving the land they see as rightfully theirs.

If the names are familiar it is because they populate the Celtic myths of the people living on Ireland before the Celts arrived. Barbara Dolan has taken these myths and legends and tried to give them human faces. It's ... interesting.

The style of writing is awkward, the story relies heavily on coincidences, and a couple of characters have complete personality turn-arounds with no explanation. 

Interesting, but not great.


Grade: C