The Fire's Stone

by Tanya Huff

Reviewed by Ruby

The Stone keeping the volcano at bay has been stolen. Now Ischia will be destroyed unless it is returned. Sent to retrieve it are the drunken third son of the king, a thief, hiding a painful past, that stumbled into the prince's rooms, and a wizard who came across the ocean to talk the prince out of their arranged marriage.

With thousands of lives at stake they must work together in order to steal back the Stone, something that is not at all easy because the Stone has been transported to a hostile county. Before they can accomplish their task, they must first learn the strengths within themselves.

The summary is a little bit cheesy, I know, but it's an amazing book. I don't think the plot was as in depth as it could have been, however the interaction between the characters is enough by itself.  There's a blooming romance between the prince, Darvish, and the thief, Aaron, that ended so abruptly that I wish that Tanya Huff would write a sequel so I can know what happened.

The one point I really found interesting was the random tertiary characters. Tanya Huff has written it so they are of mixed genders. Usually when you read a book all the guards are male and all the prostitutes are female. In this book there's a mix. There are female wizards, priests and soldiers. It's the little things that make the world's genders equal.

Grade: B