by Lynn Flewelling

Reviewed by Ruby

As soon as I heard about his book I went looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. I ended up having to order it online and wait patiently for it to come in.  When it finally did come in and I noticed how thin it was I was incredibly disappointed. I proceeded to finish it in about an hour and was even more disappointed. There were only five stories in it! Five! Well, technically four since the last 'story' was an actual snippet from Book 6 of her series which hasn't been released yet (which you can read on her blog anyway).

In all honestly you really can't even call them stories because there isn't really a plot or an ending to any of the, except The Wild, where there was an ending but not much of a plot, but at least an ending. Three of them read as 'plot-what-plot' fanfiction, but surprisingly fanfictions are meatier. You can tell that the author was not comfortable writing sex scenes. I know that they are just 'glimpses' into the lives of her characters that have been alluded to throughout the series, but I was hoping for more substance to them.

The only one I did enjoy was The Bond because it was touching and sweet but it was still lacking something.

Grade: D