John Dies at the End

by David Wong

Reviewed by Ruby

John and David (not their real names) are just two ordinary slackers and occasional drug users until one day they take a hit of the Sauce. Soy Sauce is a very odd drug that can make the user move through the very fabric of space and time, literally. It isnít a hallucination. Unfortunately, it also lets the two friends catch a glimpse of the otherworld army that is slowly trying to take over the world. And, what is even worse, the leader of the army gets a glimpse at the two of them.

Now these two underachievers are thrust into the role of heroes as they fight an army of otherworldly creatures as well as try to keep a hold of their diminishing sanity as they try to keep the world safe. Nervous? You probably should be.

This book is the most messed up, freaky and hilarious book I have ever read. Itís like H.P. Lovecraft and Terry Pratchett had a baby and it wrote this book. The plot doesnít make much sense or any sense really, but since we are viewing the events through the eyes of David, who is on the Sauce, itís very fitting. There were moments were I physically had to put the book down because I was laughing so much.

There are a few arcs in the book and all are incredibly entertaining except the last one where it stops making sense altogether. I didnít think that was possible but the last arc proved me wrong. It was still funny as hell though.



Grade: B