Lord of the Snow and Shadow

by Sarah Ash


Reviewed by Ruby

This was another book that I could not finish reading. I gave it about a hundred pages before I gave up. The two characters who Iím guessing were supposed to be the two main characters were the most annoying of the bunch and none of the other characters were at all interesting.

Gavril was raised by his mother, a simple painter, in the south. He has fallen in love with Altessa Atasia Orlova. Iím guessing Altessa is the term for princess or duchess or something similar because her brother is pretty pissed at the notion. Suddenly Gavrilís life is turned upside down when his fatherís men show up and tell him that his father was the Drakhaoul- the ruler of the northern kingdom of Azhkendir- but was murdered. Now Gavril is thrust into the role of ruler and is stuck in the middle of a blood feud.

Kiukiu is a servant in the Drakhaoulís castle and is very unhappy with her life. She is not pretty like the other servants, she is constantly made fun of and, on top of that, she accidently woke up the old Drakhaoulís ghost.

The only thing that these two people have in common is that they both complain endlessly. And I mean endlessly; they donít stop. There is only so much I can stomach before I give up.

Grade: NA