by L.A. Banks

Reviewed by Ruby

As much as I tried I could not finish reading this book. After the first chapter I knew I wasn’t going to enjoy it but I forced myself to keep going and I got to about the hundred page mark before I couldn’t stomach it anymore.

Everything about this book bothered me. The writing was just so over the top and over dramatic that it felt forced and tacky. The characters were really fake and dull and the storyline was incoherent. Sure, Damali was the Neteru, the uber demon fighter and she and her team (who were also her band because she was a spoken word artist- do spoken word artists have bands?) hunted vampires. There was a new type of vampire that was different somehow and there were gangbangers getting killed and one of D.’s team was turned, or half turned or something, I wasn’t entirely sure. But you had to pick that out of the characters complaining and rambling and D. ranting about how she had no life. Gah! And what is up with ‘Warriors of Light Productions’? Could we find a more obvious name for the agency company that hunts demons on the side?

The more I read this book the more annoyed I got.

Grade: N/A