by Rob Thurman


Reviewed by Ruby

Cal and Niko are on the case. Sort of.

The brothers have decided to stay in New York City after four years of constant running. With the Auphe (Cal's father's people) dead, there is no reason for them to run.  So they stayed and have opened up a type of detective agency for the supernatural with the help of a socialite vampire, Promise.  Well, detective agency is being kind: they do all sorts of jobs as long the client is willing to pay and it doesn't go against Niko's moral code. Which is how they ended up helping a Kin boss. The Kin is the werewolf Mafia and the brothers don't see a problem with helping one Alpha take out another Alpha.

Unfortunately, nothing is at it seems.  They were set up and now their physic friend, Georgina, has been kidnapped, and the Alpha they thought they had been working for is the real problem; and that's when things get really complicated.

I love this book for the characters and not so much for the storyline. While, in the first book I found there wasn't much of a plot, this one had too much. There were so many plot twists that it got a little ridiculous. What I found really annoying was that we didn't have the opportunity to be surprised. We learned about most of them after Cal already knew and was complaining about them, or reacting to them. There was really no OMG moment and I found that disappointing. I love being shocked in books and saying 'I didn't see that coming' and I didn't do that here.  Well that's not true, there was two surprises but neither were ones I didn't see coming.

The brothers themselves are excellent. I could read about them, their past, and their snarky comments to each other and those around them all day.

Grade: C


Coral's Review:

I actually enjoyed this book a little more than the first, because I found that it had more of a plot too it. Although, near the end of the book it did seem to be more of a "throw everything and the kitchen sick" into it plot, but I found it enjoyable. And I wasn't expecting some of the twists.

I have one issue that has come up in a lot of my reviews concerning single POV books. I find in Jonathan Kellerman's books I am often wishing for more Milo POVs, because it seems like a part of the story is missing. In Margaret George's Helen of Troy, I also felt part of the story was missing as the story was only told from Helen's POV, keeping us from seeing anything from the side of Greeks. However, Pauline Gedge's books are often told from a single POV and I don't feel anything is missing, because I feel like there is no story outside the main character in a lot of her books.

All of this to say, that I wish we could have some chapters from Niko's POV. Right now, it just seems like Niko is wrapped up completely in Cal's world without being allowed to have issues of his own. Even the problems in his relationship with Promise - who seems to be a flat character, because we are only getting Cal's side of her - revolve around Cal. Niko has been imprisoned inside a troll, abandoned by his father, had just as crappy a childhood as Cal; I would like for him to be a character on his own, away from his brother's issues.

I would also like for Niko and Robin to end up together, but I doubt that will happen.

George is annoying. I wish she could have done more than just be a damsel in distress.

Grade: B