by Terry Pratchett

Reviewed by Ruby

Mort is an uncomplicated young man, not destined to a be farmer of reannual grapes for wines. (Reannuals are plants that grow the year before you plant them, very deep stuff.) So Mort's father brings him over to the next town to become an apprentice. The one problem is that the only one who takes interest in Mort is Death.

Turns out the Grim Reaper wants to start taking some time off and needs someone to look after things while he's away. Mort agrees and they head over to Death's home where he meets Albert, the manservant and Ysabell, Death's daughter (adopted of course).  At first everything seems to be going fine until Mort's first solo mission where he saves the life of Princess Keli, who was supposed to be killed by an assassin which results in the very fabric of time and space being ripped apart. Oops.

This book, while cute, took me a very long time to read. I kept putting it down and not going back to it for weeks at a time. There is just nothing substantial to this book. The characters are interesting but the plot doesn't really go anywhere. I really like Terry Pratchett's style of writing and the universe he's created, I just wish that there was something a bit deeper to him books. 

Grade: C