The Pool of Two Moons

by Kate Forsyth


Reviewed by Ruby

Isabeau has finally made it to the capital city, ready to re-forge the two pieces of the Key. The rebels are moving, planning, and gathering, ready to back their winged prince...or whatever the really long world for 'prince' is in this book. The enemies are stirring, also planning and gathering, well more like marching, or whatever. The time is drawing near and all that crap.

Okay so this book started really slowly with Iseult and Lachlan taking their trials and then getting married, even though there is no chemistry between them, but supposedly they're in love. It was completely unbelievable how Iseult's grandmother shows up just long enough to lovingly disown her exactly when Lachlan proposes to her, but that is just the beginning of the problems.

This book was so boring and all the characters were dull. I couldn't care less about any of them. Most of the book was about them plotting and Isabeau learning to deal in her new life and new characters that I will never remember running around doing stuff that is supposedly important to the plot. The end felt rushed and was not at all worth the read.

Also I am not at all surprised that these people where taken over in like one day and it took them 16 years to rebel. They are all stupid! Completely stupid. All of them. I'm not going into details because that will give away too much of the plot, but there are parts that you just want to kick Latifa in the head because she's an idiot.

I am really disappointed, because I liked the first one and the plot had the bones to be really good. It was just really dull. I can only hope the rest of the series is better.

Grade: D