The Runes of Sorcery

by Jane Welch

Reviewed by Coral

Time is running out for Torra Alta. Brid, Caspar and Hal - no closer to finding the Druid's Egg that will release Keridwen from her icy prison - must now beat the mysterious Master to the Egg's hidden location before all is lost. Torra Alta lies under siege, the protection runes are falling and - thanks to an enemy on the inside - it may not be able to last until the Druid's Egg is found.

Disappointing end to a disappointing series, and after such an enjoyable first book too. There was just so many unnecessary words in this book, it got tiresome. Seriously, this book was one big plot contrivance. The search for the egg was more of a scavenger hunt with ridiculous clues that, when boiled down, ended up as something like, "Wait for the end of the Bright moon and dance naked on the old mountain top." Okay, so not really, but they were equally ridiculous.

And please, with all of the side adventures Brid, Caspar and Hal had (fighting bog monsters and entering jousting tournaments) wouldn't the people of Torra Alta have starved to death already? I mean, everyone was always saying they didn't have enough food.

Oh well, at least I finally got Ceowulf's point. His wide network of plot contrivances ... uh, friends were needed to provide help and a little push to get our heroes on their way again when things got tough (and they lost their horses for the fiftieth time).

Grade: C