Silent Partner

by Jonathan Kellerman

Reviewed by Coral

Depressed over his relationship with Robin - which has hit a rough patch - Alex has decided to attend a party celebrating the promotion of a one-time colleague. While there he runs into Sharon Ransom, a woman with whom he shared a sexual relationship a long time ago. And, because nothing says "Robin, I want this relationship to work" like dating another woman, he agrees to have lunch with Sharon.

He cancels at the last moment only to pick up the paper the next day and read about Sharon's death. Gunshot wound, possible suicide. Now, feeling guilty, afraid he missed a call for help, Alex starts investigating Sharon's life.

There are a few problems with this book. One is lack of direction. The details about Sharon's life are mixed together with other cases Alex's working on, so it sometimes feels like it's taking a backseat. There's way too much time wasted on Alex and Robin's relationship woe, and even more on the carnal past he's shared with Sharon. I just don't care about Sharon, or about the millions of times they had sex no matter how satisfying it was for Alex.

The ending was ridiculous and borderline implausible.

The only minor interesting thing about the book centers around the retired detective Milo goes to for help: Ellston. And only then because he knows Rick. First time we've ever been allowed to see Rick through the eyes of someone not Alex or the words of someone not Milo. A small thing, not enough to save this book.


Grade: D