The Silver Lake

by Fiona Patton

Reviewed by Coral

The three nights of Havo's Dance bring not just rain and winds, but untold dangers for all those unsworn to any of the gods of Anavatan.

A wall of magic protects Anavatan and its surrounding cities, keeping out marauding nomads as well as hungry spirits. The wall has stood for centuries, but it is weakening.

On the second night of Havo's Dance the spirits are able to break through a small crack in the wall, forever changing the lives of three young, unsworn, street thieves. The decisions that are made in the aftermath of this night will not only change their futures, but set all of Anavatan on a new path.

I enjoyed this book, but I thought there was something a little ... off with the story. A good fantasy story pulls you into its world, where you don't question any of the magic, or concepts, or construct of the world; I didn't get that here. There was just something about the world that didn't fully connect with me.

I'm also not overly fond of stories that revolve around prophecies and / or visions of the future, which is something this book relied on a lot.

The plot was also a bit thin throughout the story. Not a lot really happened, but I guess it was setting the groundwork for the series.

Overall, it was enjoyable, but book 2 will definitely need to be an improvement.


Grade: B