Smoke and Ashes

by Tanya Huff

Reviewed by Ruby

Tony Foster is still working on the television show "Darkest Night", now as Trainee Assistant Director.... I don't know what that means either.  They are on the final few episodes of the show when trouble knocks on Tony's door. Literally. A stunt woman named Leah, who does work for "Darkest Night" from time to time, comes to Tony's apartment with a problem that she needs his help with. She is an immortal Demongate. Basically a Demon put a spell on her so that as soon as she dies a gate will open allowing him to return back to Earth. Unfortunately for the Demon the spell to keep the gate safe worked a little too well and made Leah indestructible.

There is also a demonic convergence happening in their area, which is the problem Leah needs help with.  There are portals between this world and the worlds of all the hells. She needs Tony the Wizard's help to close them before anything gets out.

To complicate matters a demon lord decides to use this opportunity to push larger demons through in order to kill Leah to use her gate to escape hell. Recruiting Henry the Vampire and most of the crew of "Darkest Night" Tony throws everything they have to keep Leah alive, or else a demon lord will enslave the world.

This is the third book in Tanya Huff's series and it is just as good as the other two. I think I finally have all the secondary characters straight and I love the funny little lines that she put into the story.  Tony is an excellent character and the others are just as good. I hope Tanya Huff keeps writing this series and that she writes more about Tony's past. We get little snippets here and there but not enough for my taste.


Grade: B