Sword Song

by Bernard Cornwell


Reviewed by Coral

Uhtred is still torn between his oath to Alfred and his love of the Vikings, so it doesnít help when two new Viking brothers sail to England with wealth and the promise of a crown. If Uhtred joins them and convinces his foster brother Ragnar to join them as well, they will give him the crown of Mercia Ė a kingless territory in England.

Will Uhtredís oath keep him loyal to Alfred? Or will his love for the Vikings lead him to turn against Alfred and destroy Alfredís dream of a united England once and for all?

Although I enjoy these books, I have found my enjoyment levels dropping with each book. All of the books feel sort of pre-determined. Uhtred has never broken his oath to Alfred, though he has wanted to countless times. At least with other books, he found himself in situations where you werenít sure what would happen, but this book didnít really have any elements of surprise.

Grade: B