The Ten Thousand

by Paul Kearney

Reviewed by Coral

The Macht are warriors of legendary renown. So when Arkamenes wants to take his older brother's throne from him it only makes sense to hire these fearsome warriors as his mercenary army.

Yeah, that's pretty much all I can say about this story.

I was disappointed right from the get go. The summary on the back of the book made it seem like a completely different book than what it actually was. I thought the story was going to be told from the point of view of the Empire that was being invaded and about the terror that comes with a foreign army marching into your country. Instead the point of view is mostly from Macht characters, which does a lot to dispel the fear and mystery about them that the back of the book created.

It was also pretty easy to tell from the very beginning of the book that the story was going to mirror the story of Xenophon. Different character names, set in a different place, but the same general story.

I didn't feel that the author did enough to draw me into the world. The world the characters lived in just didn't seem to come alive on the page and none of the characters were really explored in that much depth.

Overall it was more of a boring read than an awful read.

Grade: C