A Wrinkle in Time

by Madeleine L'Engle

Reviewed by Ruby

This book starts off with us meeting Meg Murry. She is the oldest of four children and she gets into trouble a lot at school, mostly because she is impatient and has a bad temper. She gets into fights when the other children insult her youngest brother Charles Wallace or make rude comments about why her father's been gone for two years.  She knows her father left on an important scientific project, because both he and her mother are scientists. Everyone else thinks he's run off with some bimbo.

On one very stormy night, Meg cannot sleep, so she heads into the kitchen, where her brother Charles Wallace is already waiting for her.  That night Meg meet Mrs. Whatis, a very funny old lady who is dressed in fourteen layers of clothes and lives with her friends in the haunted house. She says something very strange to their mother. She says that there is such a thing as a tesseract.

The next day Meg and Charles go to the haunted house to talk to Mrs. Whatis. On the way they meet Calvin O'Keefe, a boy at Meg's school. He tells them that there was something calling him to go there, but he's not sure what it was.  Together they continue on to the haunted house and meet Mrs. Who and Mrs. Which.  They are just as strange as Mrs. Whatsit.

That night, Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin are brought by the three women to another planet. There they must face the darkness that is threatening to take over the universe and rescue Mr. Murry.

I read this book when I was younger. I didn't remember much about it except for I liked it. Reading it again years later, I still liked it.  I was a little disappointed with the ending, though. It kind of just ended. Nothing was solved. It probably has something to do with that fact there are three more books in the series and a ton of other connected books.

Oh well, it was a good read until the last chapter, if you don't mind, or can ignore, the religious parts.

Grade: B