The Amber Spyglass

by Phillip Pullman


Reviewed by Ruby

This is the third book in Pullman series and it picks up where the last one left off. Lyra was kidnapped by her mother, Lord Asriel is amassing his armies and Will must go to help the man. Instead, he goes in search of Lyra. Once they are finally together again they go down into the world of the dead to talk to Roger and Will's dad.  Also there is Mary who has found her way into a world of wheel riding creatures with intelligence, where she stays and learns about Dust as an assassin stalks her. Sent by the church from Lyra's world, he is following Mary's footsteps to take out the snake before Eve can fall.

Okay I know how everything in this book is connected, but there was a point where it got a little ridiculous.  It stopped being believable with the war between the Authority and Asriel's army. And the ending of the book was just prosperous. The characters were no longer able to keep the story going along for me.

Grade: D