The Knight

by Gene Wolf

Reviewed by Coral

This is the story as told by a boy who is magically transported from our world to a seven-layered faerie world. Trying to explain this new life, in a letter to his brother, he recounts how he was magically aged by a faerie queen who fell in love with him, how his love for her sent him on a quest to find a sword in order to win her and ....

And, yeah. I don't really know what this book was about.

I'm not sure exactly why I didn't like this book, but it comes down to either one of two things. One would be the style of writting which, right from the beginning, I did not like. I found that the author's writting style made the story hard to follow, which meant that I got bored with it pretty easily.

The second would be the mangled and confusing plot. I never really could figure out what was going on in the story, and I can't be sure if that's entirely on the writting style or if the plot itself was really that loosely put together.

Either way I was bored by this book almost right away. Never managed to capture my interest at all.


Grade: F