White Nun's Telling

by Fay Sampson

Reviewed by Coral

In this book we meet Luned, a nun in Tintagel, who is charged with caring for Morgan during her exile in the convent. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Luned is a weak woman who can do nothing to curb Morgan's thirst for revenge, or power.

Another original character is shoved into the Arthurian legend; what, there weren't enough characters there already? So, because Luned is new, we have to spend time getting to know her. The first 50 pages are devoted entirely to her life, and retelling parts of the last book from her point-of-view. Out of a 250 page book!

Gwennol is back in this book, with her inappropriate use of the term "my lover" when referring Morgan. Still squicky! But we're down to only one crude scene in this book, as opposed to at least four in the first one.

Luned is kind of a boring character, only believable if you see her as a complete weakling, which really doesn't strain credibility much. Doesn't make for much of an interesting character, though.


Grade: C