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by Richard Baker

Reviewed by Coral

Continuing in their quest to learn why their goddess has abandoned them, Pharaun, Quenthel and their companions travel from the Underdark to the realm above. But when their quest brings them to the one place they may find answers, what happens when they donít get the answer they expect?

The attacks against Menzoberranzan and Ched Nasad have taken their toll, with one city weakened and the second nearly completely destroyed. Now the forces behind those attacks come together, for one final assault against the strength of the Dark Elves, hoping to use the Llothís absence to their advantage.

I am still enjoying this series, even if I thought some of the side adventures of Quenthel and her group could have been minimized.

I liked the new character of Nimor introduced in this book (or maybe heís not new, maybe heís from another Forgotten Realms book I havenít yet read). I enjoyed reading things from his perspective.

Halisstra got more of a focus in this book as well. I thought I knew where her journey would end up in this book and was surprised when it didnít. Although maybe itís meant to be a longer journey for her? Or maybe I am completely off base with where I think she will end up at the end of this series.

I didnít think that this book worked as seamlessly with the others as book 2 had. Some of Halisstra's abilities seemed to come out of nowhere and, to me, like she should have used them during the destruction of her city.

And, of course, when sheís going over what sheís lost, her brother doesnít rank a mention at all. Just reinforces my idea that he was introduced only to die last book.


Grade: B