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David Gemmell Novels


David Gemmell is by far my favorite author. I have spent years tracking his books down in various used and new bookstores across Canada and the US, and have yet to be terribly disappointed. But no one is without their faults and Gemmell has one really apparent one: the man cannot write in chronological order!

What's worse, that oh so helpful list of previous books published at the front of every novel has never once been right in any of the books I've ever bought. Sometimes they mix up which books belong to which series, or say a book is a stand-alone when it is, really, part of a series. And then there's the Drenai series, published in whatever order he thought them up, but so terribly out of chronological order.

So, sick of these lists, I've made my own, carefully reading each book for the small details that will help me place it in the proper order. I'm not saying I'm right, but I am relatively confident in my results.



Waylander II: In the Way of the Wolf

Hero in the Shadows

Druss the Legend

The Legend of Deathwalker

White Wolf


The King Beyond the Gate

Quest for Lost Heroes

Winter Warriors

Swords of Night and Day

Hawk Queen

Ironhand's Daughter

The Hawk Eternal

Jon Shannow

Wolf In Shadow

The Last Guardian


Knights Series

Knights of Dark Renown

Morning Star


Sword in the Storm

Midnight Falcon



Stones of Power

Lion of Macedon

Dark Prince

Ghost King

Last Sword of Power


Lord of the Silver Bow

Shield of Thunder

Fall of Kings

Stand-Alone Novels

Echoes of the Great Song

Dark Moon