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Dragons of Spring Dawning

by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis

Reviewed by Ruby

This last installment of the original series of this epic set of books starts basically where the last one ends and as it goes on the group of companions become even more divided; both in location and in plans. Fortunately for our companions the tides turn in their favour for once as good dragons finally decide to join the fight, evening the odds. With Laurana as the people’s Golden General they finally feel they can win this war. But the forces of evil have a few more cards up their sleeve as their search for the ‘Everyman’ comes to an end. With his in the hands of the Queen of Darkness she is sure she can win this war once and for all.

As good as this series was and as well developed as the characters were, there was something lacking in the storytelling. It wasn’t that it wasn’t interesting or not well written it was just kind of forgettable. This is the second time I read these three books and most of the pivotal scenes in the books I got mixed up or completely forgot. There was just a lack of ‘epicness’ to make it memorable, I found. More so in this book than the other two. This was supposed to be the book that ended the war and I found it the most forgettable.

It was also the most unbelievable. There were a few scenes in it that I felt were forced and didn’t flow correctly.

It was a little bit if a letdown after the other two books.

Grade: C