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by Thomas M. Reid

Reviewed by Coral

With their goddess Lolth still silent, a group of drow from Menzoberranzan are sent to find their way through the treacherous Underdark to the drow city of Ched Nasad for answers. But reaching Ched Nasad may only be the start of their problems; the matron mothers of the Houses of Ched Nasad are also plotting for position and a group of strangers newly arrived in the city make for perfect scapegoats.

I’ve always found the Forgotten Realms books to be very hit and miss. Past experience has made me wary of a series where multiple authors contribute to one arc.

This time though, I didn’t have that problem. I thought that this was a strong follow-up to the first book and it didn’t feel like there were two different authors who had written the characters.

Quenthel’s survival continues to bother me a little, because it seems so improbable. It seems more like she needs to live because the authors need her to live rather than being organic to the story.

There was one character I felt sorry for in the last book and I didn’t like how her story turned out in this book.

I thought the whole “insurrection in Ched Nasad” part of the book lasted too long. There seemed to be a ridiculous amount of time that the main characters spent wandering around a house that was collapsing then an equally ridiculous amount of time spent finding their way to safety.

It was a little annoying to be introduced to a character in the closing pages in the book, who seemed to be there only so that there would be someone connected to the characters who wouldn’t make it out alive.


Grade: B