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The King's Man

by Pauline Gedge

Reviewed by Coral

Huy has been summoned from his comfortable life to Egyptís capital city. The Queen Regent, Mutemwia, needs his help to guide Egypt from the heretical path her husband and father-in-law has started to travel and to keep power for the four years it will take her son, Amunhotep, to reach his majority and ascend as full ruler of Egypt.

What should be a routine seeing for the young daughter of one of Egyptís trusted families instead reveals that Egypt is in greater danger than Huy realized. Can nothing be done to stop the disaster he sees?

The problems that I had with the first two books of the series persist into this last book: there was no real plot. Huy does nothing to try and avert or change the course of his vision. His whole plan seems to be wait and wish for it not to come true.

While I did enjoy reading about this time, there was no urgency in the story. Too much time is spent, like last book, on his daily activities. I felt that the time jump between the first and second parts of the story actually skipped over some of the events we should have spent more time on; a couple of the characters go through drastic personality traits. I can understand the causes of one, but I couldnít reconcile the Amunhotep of the first part to the Amunhotep of the second part.

I didnít hate the book, but I wish it had been better.

Grade: B (a low B)