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Midnight's Mask

by Paul S. Kemp

Reviewed by Coral

The Sojourner and his slaad accomplices have succeeded in planting one seed from the Weave Tap. One more and enough power will become available to allow the Sojourner to bring about the fulfillment of his plans.

Only Cale, Jak, Riven and Magadon stand in their way. But whose side is Riven really on? And can they really stop the most powerful being that has ever existed?

I kind of predicted that the betrayal from the end of the last book would be a trick, but it was the back-and-forth, is-he-or-isn't-he way it was handled in this book that took it from unlikely to really farfetched. And accepting it made the villains look stupid when, up until this point, they were reckless but competent (well, mostly).

I both loved and hated that the Sojourner's ultimate purpose was something so simple and small. For someone that powerful, to do something that caused so much chaos and destruction because he can for something he wants, without a larger plan, it was something different. But at the same time, it felt like the resolution was too simplistic.

I liked how Jak's story ended. A lot of other authors would have gone the other way, which would have been an insult to both Jak's character and his friendship with Cale.

I didn't like how the final battle between Cale and the Sojourner ended. Not very believable.

And when Cale, Jak and Magadon free slaves on a ship, how awfully lucky for them that they were all sailors in good enough health the sail the abandoned ship they were in possession of. That was way too coincidental for my tastes.

It's a B, but barely.

Grade : B