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Realms of the Deep

Edited by Philip Athans

Reviewed by Coral

This book is a collection of short stories set during a war between most of the sea creatures and the cities on land.
I'm glad that the next books in the series will be actual novels, because while I found some of the short stories interesting, I really wished I could get more on the bigger picture. The stories seemed so disjointed at times, it was hard to tell what was happening in the overall scheme of things. I'm also glad that Mel Odom will be the writer, because it was that story that I was most interested in, as it seemed to be the closest we got to seeing the reasons behind the uprising from the sea.
It's hard to rate a book of short stories, because there are different authors and different writing styles. I enjoyed some of them (Mel Odom's One Who Swims With Sekolah and Troy Denning's The Crystal Reef were my two favourites), but others seemed too cliché (Hard Choices by Lynn Abbey and The Place Where Guards Snore at Their Posts by Ed Greenwood) while most of the others were just okay.
Grade: C