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Rules of Ascension

by David B. Coe

Reviewed by Coral

Having read, and loved, Coe's LonTobyn trilogy I had high hopes for this book. When will I learn? The problem really isn't the style; I think Coe's a great writer. The issue I had with this book was plot.

The man featured on the book's cover is from a race called the Qirsi. One time conquerors of the Forelands, they were eventually defeated and split up across the land, between the realm's rulers. Now they are second-class citizens, with limited rights. But a group from within the Qirsi have decided it's time to fight for their rights and their freedom. Something they all can agree on, right? Not quite. Because the main Qirsi characters are all vehemently opposed to this group not because they believe things will get better, but because some of them are in love with their "masters". Stockholm syndrome much?

Now maybe the other books in this series are better, I don't know. I bailed after this one and haven't regretted that decision for a second.


Grade: F