Nights of Villjamur

by Mark Charan Newton

Reviewed by Coral

A lot is happening in the city of Villjamur. They are preparing for an ice age, while thousands of refugees flock to their gates. There is a murder who is killing members of the cityís council. One of their army regiments is ambushed as they are collecting supplies in a move that may herald a war.

Amid all the chaos and confusion, their emperor commits suicide.

Now, his daughter and heir Rika is brought home to a city she ran from a long time ago, to rule the Empire. But someone intends to remove her from the throne and claim the Empire for themselves

I just never got into this book. There were too many story lines that never seemed to connect (I didnít even mention above the various cults in Villjamur and their plot lines). I was about half way through the book before Rika we even got to Rikaís story.

I wasnít really interested in any of the various storylines, so I never finished the book.


Grade: NA