The Prince of Dreams

by Curt Benjamin


Reviewed by Ruby

Picking up where the first book left off, Llesho and his allies are off to find his missing brothers. On the way they are attacked and Ling, Hmishi, Adar and Shou are captured by the Harnish allies of Mardus. They were going for Llesho but the boy was instead captured by two of his brothers: Lluka and Balar. They take him to the city of Ahkenbad where he meets the Dinha, a group of mystics that use the power of dreams. Before Llesho can learn to control his emerging powers the Dreamers are attacked and killed by Mardus.

With an ever growing army behind him, Llesho races into the Harnish land to stop the people from bringing his friends to Mardus.

Well 'races' is a strong word. He keeps saying that he has to hurry and rescue his friends but it seems like he does everything but go and rescue them. He's in Ahkenbar for a while then he gets his army back and they travel into the Harnish lands and he spends a very long time dealing with one of the friendlier clans. He then learns about dream walking and spends some time traveling into the dreams of other people. Then there are new allies to deal with such as Tayy, a Harnish prince and new potential enemies, like Tayy's step mother. It is only at the very end of the book that he does actually mount a rescue.

It seemed to drag endlessly and it was almost a chore to read as he spent more and more time not rescuing his friends.  I hope the third book is not like this.